OpenHome - The Open Platform for networked digital audio streaming.

OpenHome is an Open Standard for leading edge streaming digital audio, providing an advanced feature set for networked home audio devices. Interoperability with other devices is a key aspect, and OpenHome delivers by providing complete reference implementations and interoperability certification to ensure that OpenHome compatible players work seamlessly to bring you high quality audio throughout the home.

OpenHome Labs - Support when you need it

OpenHome Labs provides support, consultancy and engineering services to support the freely available OpenHome platform. Our goal is to support the ongoing development of the platform and help you develop your OpenHome-based products. We aim to grow the OpenHome ecosystem, providing an open platform for hi-resolution streaming audio. Manufacturers gain access to a mature platform and have full access to the source code; you retain full control of your product and have the freedom to develop products completely in-house, outsource to consultancies or engage OpenHome Labs services team to help you through the process.

The choice is yours.

Raising the Standard

Our goal is to make high quality streaming audio ubiquitous. We believe that can only happen with a spirit of openness and cooperation in order to achieve true seamless interaction across devices and manufacturers. So how do we acheive that? We take OpenHome - a mature and proven digtal audio platform - and make it OpenSource. We all benefit from a well designed set of services based on UPnP, plus a complete implementation of Renderer and Control Point stacks, combined with conformance testing to ensure that end users get the high quality, seamless interaction they desire.

To find out more about the OpenHome organisation, check out our page, or if you’d like to know more about the OpenHome platform then go to the OpenHome Platform section.